I’m doing daily freebies on Gaia [Daily chance Roxoah!]. I drew two today and one on the 10th so one is to make up for missing a day.

If you have a Gaia, stop drop and roll by.

Sometimes I forget how much I enjoy profile coding on Gaia. The first one is a profile for my friend with a Final Fantasy Type-0 (King) theme. The text is just placeholder stuff since it’s a test account. Second is for myself, with Raiden.


kiss kiss fall in love

Second time I hosted a big group event on Gaia. I’m never doing this again, it’s so much bloody work.

I made a status that said “I split my lip and it feels like shit, especially because I keep running my tongue over it” and then this happened. I can’t stop laughing.

Commission for King Caelum. It’s her Gaia avatar as Noctis. unf

Gaia commission for Khetis.

Gaia commission for Pukaru, who had one of the best avatars to work with.

Gaia commissions for -v e r a m o n t e- and Sehr Herrliche.